Broker to Broker utilizes a unit pricing schedule. Pricing is based on the number of accounts, the number of documents produced, and the specialized processing you request. Most of our clients find we can produce their mailings for less cost than they can produce them internally. We’re confident we can save you time and money as well.

For "Basic" Projects, there is a standard price for each account processed. When utilizing our "Basic Plus" service, an additional cost is attached to each supplemental form we produce.

There is a $200 project minimum.

Additional Expenses
It is sometimes necessary for us to charge additional costs for non-standard processing, especially manually intensive tasks. These additional costs are generally very minimal and may be controlled with proper planning and preparation. The most frequently incurred additional expenses are associated with

  • Folders
  • Affixing "Sign Here" stickers
  • Creating mailing and return envelopes
  • Mailing inserts (brochures and promotional materials)
  • Rapid Turn Around Projects

Controlling Costs
There are ways to control some of the costs associated with projects coordinated through Broker to Broker. This control lies mostly in good planning.

  • Always allow us sufficient time to complete a project. We require a minimum lead-time of five business days to handle any project (ten business days is preferred for non-rush projects). A Rush Fee is charged whenever an insufficient number of days is allowed or when a return date is accelerated.
  • Always provide us with a reasonably accurate estimate of the project size (i.e., the number of accounts to be processed). When identifying the total number of accounts, add all brokerage accounts, outside mutual fund accounts and outside annuity accounts.
  • Provide the entire project to us at the same time. Accounts that are added after the original project is received may need to be handled as separate projects, subject to our project minimum.
  • Prepare and arrange client records so they are user-ready (see "How The Broker Prepares for a Project"). We prefer to receive information in alphabetical order for ease in householding. A fee may be charged for this service. There are also additional charges if we must cross-reference multiple groupings or lists of client records.

Please contact us for more detailed pricing information and other ways you may control your costs.