1. A Branch Coordinator discusses the process with the recruit to determine the following:
      The type of Project desired (Basic or Basic Plus)
      The number of client accounts that will be involved in the transfer (this is the total of brokerage accounts plus outside mutual funds and outside annuities, if applicable)
      The date that the account information and project materials will be sent to Broker-To-Broker
      The desired project return date
  2. The Branch Coordinator contacts Broker-To-Broker with the above information to formally schedule the project. We will send an order form to the Coordinator. This order form acts as our contract and also a blueprint for how the project will be handled, and it must be filled out and sent along with the project materials before any processing can begin.
  3. On the agreed-upon date, the Branch Coordinator sends the necessary materials to Broker-To-Broker via email or overnight delivery.
  4. We process the project as prescribed. This includes preparing the necessary forms and highlighting areas for completion and/or client signatures. We assemble the mailings by household, so that each client will receive only one envelope that includes paperwork for all the accounts of that client.
  5. On the agreed-upon date, we deliver the packages directly to your client through USPS mail or overnight carrier, or we overnight the completed project to the desired branch recipient. If the project is sent back to the branch first, the assembled mailings (stuffed, but unsealed) are securely boxed and in alphabetical order for easy identification. Ideally, all that remains is to seal the envelopes, affix the required postage and drop them in the mail.

The process itself is fairly simple. And, the more we are allowed to do during our process, the less there is for the branch or broker to do on the back end.

The success and ease of a project lie in good planning. The best way to ensure your project goes smoothly is to provide us with complete and accurate information and get materials shipped to us as scheduled.